Work Mechanisms

Working Mechanisms

Making a marketing plan increases the chance of success for companies, as it is known to plan several hours or days at execution. The plan will save companies money, time and effort and reduce mistakes. Also, from here at the Void Marketing Agency we have a set of pre execution machines requesting this plan as a precondition for contracting.

The 4Ps marketing mix:

The marketing mix is the basis of a successful marketing plan. It essentially contains 4 elements: Product or services/price: how much is the price of the product/promotion

SWOT analysis:

The company's current and competitive status analysis uses strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

Marketing Plan

A marketing plan is one of the most important components of an enterprise’s overall strategic plan. It is the key pillar for the success of any project no matter how small. It is a report showing the marketing strategy for the next year, which can be considered a business plan and a guide that can be returned later to evaluate performance. Each company must answer these questions if it wants to prepare a successful marketing plan:

KPIs key performance indicators:

High level key performance indicators focus on overall business performance, while low performance indicators Examples of key performance indicators:


An agency that started in the year 2021 headquartered is alQassim in Saudi Arabia. Void has distinguished itself from other agencies and companies in this area through a different approach and behavior that the 

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